OMZOxygen Minimum Zone (ocean seawater zone)
OMZOssa-Morena Zone (geography; Portugal)
OMZObedinennye Mashinostroitelnye Zavody (Russian Engineering Company, formerly United Heavy Machinery)
OMZOh My Zeus (exclamation)
OMZOh My Zelf
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Gastric mucosal MPO estimation in CRS rats: Gastric mucosal protein (mg/g wet tissue) and MPO (mU/mg protein) were estimated in the gastric mucosal homogenate of unrestraint stress (URS, negative control) or CRS (Control) rats treated rats with oral CMC; PGE (test extract) and SCF and OMZ (positive controls).
A depth-related decline in natural mortality rates would be consistent with the hypothesized longevity benefits of residence in or near the OMZ, whereas a depth-related decline in fishing mortality would be consistent with observed differences in effort by depth, potentially resulting in fishing-induced age truncation in the more heavily exploited shallower habitats.
The Gulf of California (GC) is a semi-closed sea, with strong processes of horizontal transport and vertical mixing of water in its Northern part (Palacios-Hernandez, Beier, Lavin, & Ripa, 2002), while in its central and southernmost portions, the OMZ is located between 250 and 1 400 m depth, and between 70 and 1 300 m depth, respectively, with a hypoxic-anoxic zone (150-700 m depth), being an impenetrable barrier for some species (Zamorano et al.
Underwater gliders offer a unique opportunity to sample the OMZ with relatively high resolution without using costly oceanographic platforms.
Time series studies are suggested to assess the ecological response of these assemblages to conditions before mentioned and to another such as OMZ and upwelling seasonal changes.
Pyloric ligation was done after 45 min of CO extract and OMZ administration.
Abbreviations: CARD-FISH, catalyzed reporter deposition--fluorescence in situ hybridization; MOX, methane-oxidizing; OMZ, oxygen minimum zone; SOX, sulfur-oxidizing.
While the blue marlin and sailfish do enter the OMZ, it is only for short term dives.
Russia's Izhorskiye Zavody, part of OMZ Group, has launched check assemble of the reactor vessel VVER-1000 for the first energy unit at Bulgaria's Belene NPP, even though Bulgaria is yet to say officially whether it wants the power plant.
Assay of H+, K+-ATPase activity: For the enzyme assay, gastric microsomes, incubated with or without different concentrations of DMHBR as well as standard drug OMZ for 10 min at 37[degrees]C, were added to an assay buffer containing 150 mM KCl, 10 mM PIPES, 1 mM MgS[O.
Other suppliers are France's Areva, which is boosting forging capacity at its Sfar Steel business, Russia's OMZ, which is committed to Russian requirements, and South Korea's Doosan, which supplies the Korean and Chinese markets.
Skoda JS, a Czech company which is a part of OMZ (Uralmash-Izhora Group) has announced it has won a tender for the second stage of modernization of the Control and Management System at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), a part of CEZ, the Czech state energy company.