OMZOxygen Minimum Zone (ocean seawater zone)
OMZOssa-Morena Zone (geography; Portugal)
OMZObedinennye Mashinostroitelnye Zavody (Russian Engineering Company, formerly United Heavy Machinery)
OMZOh My Zeus (exclamation)
OMZOh My Zelf
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The research team, which this week published their findings in Science Advances, found more natural variability in oxygen levels in the OMZ than previously known.
This complements previous studies carried out in the OMZ with nirS-denitrifiers (Jayakumar et al., 2004, 2009, 2009a; Castro-Gonzalez et al., 2005; Jones et al., 2008).
First spotted nearly half a century ago, dead-zones, aka oxygen minimum zones or OMZs, were flagged as a major threat to marine biology.
The dose of PGE and the standard anti-ulcer drugs, OMZ (antisecretory, 2 mg/kg), SCF (ulcer healer, 500 mg/kg), TNF-[alpha] antagonist, and PTX (10 mg/kg), was selected as reported earlier.
A depth-related decline in natural mortality rates would be consistent with the hypothesized longevity benefits of residence in or near the OMZ, whereas a depth-related decline in fishing mortality would be consistent with observed differences in effort by depth, potentially resulting in fishing-induced age truncation in the more heavily exploited shallower habitats.
The Mexican Pacific comprises three mayor regions: The West coast of the Baja California peninsula (BC), a transitional zone in faunal composition and environmental conditions (Rodriguez-Romero, Palacios-Salgado, Lopez-Martinez, Hernandez-Vazquez, & Ponce-Diaz, 2008), influenced by the California Current, the subsurface California Countercurrent and the North Equatorial current (OMZ: 300 - 1 800 m depth) (Levin, 2003; Fiedler & Talley, 2006).
In the eastern subtropical South Pacific, the OMZ is a permanent feature that extends along the western coast off South America between ~50-m and 800m depth.
We analyzed the climatological and interannual (1992-2008) biogeochemical variability, including the impact of El Nino 1997-1998 event on the chlorophyll concentration and depth of the OMZ.
The aspirin was given after 45 min of CO methanolic extract and OMZ treatment.
El trabajo [36] dio comienzo a los estudios sistematicos del mecanismo de la electrooxidacion del OMZ. Este trabajo viene como su continuacion, desarrollando el modelo matematico del desempeno electroanalitico de polializarina como mediador de transferencia de electronos y protones en el sistema.
Candida albicans (OMZ 110) was reactivated in yeast nitrogen base (YNB) medium containing 50 mM glucose, and the biofilm inoculum was standardized at an optical density of 0.25 in YNB containing 100 mM glucose.
Dose selection and drug preparation: In a pilot investigation, the dose dependent effect of pega nine (1) (10, 20 and 40 mg/kg, p.o.), reference drug omeprazole (OMZ) (10 mg/kg, p.o.) and sucralfate (SUC) (500 mg/kg, p.o.) were freshly prepared in 1% carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) as suspension and administered orally 45 min before to exposure of ulcerogens to the animals at a volume of 1 m1/200g of body weight.