OMZAOutside Mixing Zone Average (US EPA; water quality)
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The RHC is catering thousands of inhabitants not only from Killi Omza but also caters to people from adjoining villages including Narezai, Khwazekzai, Omza Yaseenzai, Zebai, Shin Ghar Ibrahimkhail, Kamalzai, Hassanzai, Dwal Gad, Kazha Malezi, Trei, Samazi Malayan and Branj area, but it lacks equipments, sufficient medicines and health staff.
The special drive (CR) started today that would be continued till Oct 13th in thirteen union councils of the district including UC Appozai, Sheikhan, Wala Akram, Omza Wyala, Meena bazaar, Islamyar, Barakwala, Garda Babar, Shahabzai, Hassanzai (rural and urban) and Sambaza.
The rural areas worst affected by load-shedding included Killi Appozai, Killi Deragei, Badinzai, Shahabzai, Ali Khanzai, Garda Babar, Wala Akram, Hazrat Sahib, Toora Darga, Bobai Eribzai, Sambaza, Wiyala, Branj, Sur Kachh, Shin Ghar, Omza, Narezai, Yasinzai and other adjoining areas.