ONAFOrganizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Formaggi (Italian: National Organization of Cheese Tasters; est. 1989; Italy)
ONAFOil Natural Air Forced (cooling method)
ONAFOptical Network Architecture Forum
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75 420 kV 3phase 50 Hz outdoor 2 winding ONAN ONAF ODAF cooled YNd1 connected Spare Generator Transformer with off load tap changer with first filling of oil plus 10 percent extra oil for Raichur Thermal Power Station
5KV, 50Hz YNd1, Star (earthed neutral) / Delta, Core type, 3- phase, out-door type, Oil-immersed, ONAN / ONAF / OFAF cooled switchyard Transformer complete with main tank, cooler bank, OLTC suitable for voltage variation of + 10% in steps of 1.
Delivery and installation of 2 transversal transformers 110/25 kV, 60/90 MVA ONAN / ONAF including solid-insulated surge arresters.