ONAGOn Numbers and Games (John H. Conway book on combinatorial game theory)
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But for other setups that might need them, the ONAG comes with a set of 8-, 16-, and 24-mm extension tubes that work on both ports.
But there's another aspect of the ONAG that further improves the efficiency of finding a guide star.
The guide stars available to the ONAG are closer to the telescope's optical axis and are thus of much better quality for guiding.
Although you can use virtually any camera that works as an autoguider with the ONAG, it has to be one without a built-in infrared-blocking filter.
Although the westernmost star in the Coathanger's bar is visually the faintest, my autoguider on the ONAG saw it as nearly twice the brightness of any of the other stars in the bar.
The only other aspect of the ONAG that I had to adapt to was the mirror-reversed "raw" views from my imaging camera.
From the get-go I had excellent results with the ONAG.
Although I generally use multiple stars as registration points when I stack my deep-sky frames, I could often dispense with this step when stacking images made with the ONAG.