ONBAOrchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine (French: Bordeaux Aquitaine National Orchestra)
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MRLD algorithm first adopts link label diffusion algorithm to create the original community structure; secondly, it combines the communities with maximal extended modularity (EQ) of greedy search to obtain the optimal overlapping community structure; thirdly, the algorithm analyzes and adjusts the obtained link community structure through overlapping nodes belonging analysis (ONBA), and then gets the ultimate overlapping community structure; finally, based on the acquired densely connected overlapping community structure, recommendation to all the users of the community could be implemented.
ALGORITHM 2: Overlapping nodes belonging analysis (ONBA).
In order to solve the problem of "excessive overlapping" in link community detection, this paper proposes overlapping nodes belonging analysis (ONBA).
Based on the definition of community belonging value, this paper proposes overlapping nodes belonging analysis (ONBA).
It can be seen that in ONBA algorithm when the value of [xi] is lower, the number of nodes which has tendency is relatively larger, so the overlapping nodes have higher possibility of being adjusted, but the tendency of an overlapping node to a community can easily be satisfied, so there still will be many overlapping nodes in the detected community structure.
In ONBA algorithm, the time complexity of calculating the community belonging value of every overlapping node is the highest.
The running time of the combination phase and the running time of ONBA algorithm are far shorter than 0([n.sup.2]).