ONBSOrre News Broadcasting Station (Pokemon)
ONBSOpen Nucleus Breeding Scheme
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Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was done on 36 cases of ONB, selected by non-probability purposive sampling.
Conclusion: The ONB has great variability of histological and clinical presentation, and immunohistochemical markers are useful to differentiate from more common small round blue cell tumours of nasal cavity.
Olfactory neuroblastoma (ONB) is a rare (<5% of sinonasal tract malignancies) malignant tumor of neuroectodermal origin that arises from the olfactory epithelium lining the superior one-third of the nasal septum, the cribriform plate, and the superior nasal turbinates.
Histologically, ONB characteristically shows a lobular architecture.
"This partnership will enable ONB clients to access BDOs strong balance sheet and expanded banking solutions, while providing BDO inroads to new market segments.
One way to achieve that is to analyze the signal using orthonormal bases (ONBs).
For example, it is impossible to have good time-frequency localization for Gabor ONBs or a wavelet ONB with a mother wavelet which has exponential decay and is infinitely often differentiable with bounded derivatives [11].
In general, the lower-grade ONBs are readily recognizable and diagnostic by light microscopy.