ONCBOffice of the Narcotics Control Board (Thailand)
ONCBOrthopaedic Nurses Certification Board
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The ABF will also share expertise in research techniques and drug detection methodologies with the ONCB.
During the first half of 2016, ONCB reports approximately 17 kg seized, compared to 48.
During the first six months of 2016, ONCB reported seizing approximately 16.
ONCB has the responsibility for detecting chemical and precursor diversion, interdicting illicit shipments and monitoring the activities of the chemical trading houses.
The ONCB Office coordinates at least one opium eradication campaign per year, carried out by Thai 3rd Army units, specialists in this activity.
The ONCB reports that users also mix the Kratom plant leaves with cola drinks, cough syrup, or tranquilizers to form a narcotic-laced drink.
The ONCB continued its efforts to develop better operational relationships with counterpart agencies in Laos by expanding its network of Border Liaison Offices (BLO) along the Thai-Lao Mekong River Border.