ONCCOncology Nursing Certification Corporation
ONCCOffice of the National Culture Commission (Thailand)
ONCCOFWAT (Office of Water Services) National Customer Council
ONCCOfficial Nelson Commemorations Committee (Nelson's Island, Egypt)
ONCCOpera Nazionale Ciechi Civili (Italian: National Opera Association for the Blind)
ONCCOffice of Water Services National Consumer Council (United Kingdom)
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"The Interim Fly Quiet plan is groundbreaking in the aviation community," said ONCC Chair and Mount Prospect Mayor Arlene Juracek.
The ONCC will then review the data collected and the feedback from resident associations before deciding if the programme should be made more permanent.
The objective of this activity was to create awareness among the children, parents and local people about ONCC and Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat and listen to their grievances and complaints.
ONCC, on the other hand, developed their campaign on a much smaller budget than that of NCC.
Alain Strati, Rogers' vice-president of business and regulatory affairs, wrote a very detailed three-page letter of apology to ONCC member Jessica Dumont on March 23, well after the end of the 28-day window.
This methodology was also used by NCBPNP/N for the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner examination (Salazar et al., 2002) and by the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation (ONCC; McMillan et al., 2002).
The official Nelson Commemoration Committee (ONCC) are co-ordinating all Nelson and Trafalgar events in 2005.
"Many Japanese people once preferred karaoke to clubbing," she says, citing the now-declining group sing-along industry in which companies oncc entertained.
ONCC News -- The Newsletter of the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation.
Resistance to changing from the tried and true DOS programs will erode oncc partners appreciate the new, more "user-friendly" technology that Windows brings.
Oncc the proper balance of calcium is reached in the body, extra calcium is excreted in the urine.