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ONCEon Chip Emulation
ONCEOrganización Nacional de Ciegos de España (Spain)
ONCEOffice of the National Counterintelligence Executive (USA)
ONCEOpen Network for Commerce Exchange (electronic commerce)
ONCEOpen Network Computing Environment
ONCEOnline Networked Childrens' Education
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As the dawn was breaking the Wolf Pack yelled Once, twice and again!
He realised at once that this could be none other than the nixy of the mill-pond, and in his terror he didn't know if he should fly away or remain where he was.
"They invited me once, last week," Bruno said, very gravely.
One fact, at least, would have been perfectly plain to an outsider, had any such person been on the spot; and that was, that the prince had made a very considerable impression upon the family, in spite of the fact that he had but once been inside the house, and then only for a short time.
She at once made herself a salad of it, and ate it greedily.
Tiare -- her father had called her by the name of the white, scented flower which, they tell you, if you have once smelt, will always draw you back to Tahiti in the end, however far you may have roamed -- Tiare remembered Strickland very well.
And so that all might learn the history of their land, he rebuilt the ruined monasteries and opened schools in them once more.
"All days shall be holy unto me"--so spake once the wisdom of my youth: verily, the language of a joyous wisdom!
To his great surprise, he heard her saying to some one inside, "Rejoice my children; I am bringing you a nice fat youth." And other voices replied, "Where is he, mamma, that we may eat him at once, as we are very hungry?"
With my brow to the glass, I was thus occupied in scrutinizing the mob, when suddenly there came into view a countenance (that of a decrepid old man, some sixty-five or seventy years of age,) - a countenance which at once arrested and absorbed my whole attention, on account of the absolute idiosyncrasy of its expression.
As it approached them, a great promontory might have been seen from its deck, stretching out into what had once been a mighty ocean, and circling back once more to enclose the forgotten harbour of a forgotten city, which still stretched back from its deserted quays, an imposing pile of wondrous architecture of a long-dead past.
He had often had the experience of suddenly in a discussion grasping what it was his opponent liked and at once liking it too, and immediately he found himself agreeing, and then all arguments fell away as useless.