ONCTOyama National College of Technology (Japan)
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I knowed th' boys 'd like when they onct got square at it.
"I was talkin' 'cross pickets with a boy from Georgie, onct, an' that boy, he ses, 'Your fellers
'll all run like hell when they onct hearn a gun,' he ses.
Onct dad has a jedgment, he'd sooner dip his colours to the British than change it.
"I think it's forty-two," said a small voice over-side, and there was a roar of laughter as another voice answered, "Then my luck's turned fer onct, 'caze I'm forty-five, though I be stung outer all shape."
Harve, I've kinder took to you, but ef you nod onct more I'll lay into you with a rope's end."
Why, if a week should pass without some one telling me that I am doing easy work for big pay I would conclude that I might as well order my ascension robe `immediately and to onct.' `Well, you get your money easy,' some rate-payer will tell me, condescendingly.
Now ONCT is touring the UK and Ireland with a programme of predominantly French repertoire.
The ONCT's relationship with Sokhiev began in 2003.
But it is with the ONCT's performance at the Thetre des Champs-Elyses that he made his name.
Alongside the French repertoire, ONCT will be performing Rachmaninov's Symphonic Dances which they recently released on CD by record label Nave.