ONDCPOffice of National Drug Control Policy
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ONDCP wants to address these drug-related incarcerations by supporting evidence-based alternatives to incarceration, arrest and prosecution, and by encouraging the development of new strategies that can reduce the risk to public safety while meeting the needs of justice-involved individuals.
ONDCP advises the president and coordinates drug-control activities and funding across the government and has historically been run by people with military, police or political backgrounds.
federal law enforcement agencies and the Antiguan ONDCP.
Twenty-five years ago, in its first official policy paper, the newly created ONDCP described America's appetite for drugs as "a crisis of national character.
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the former ONDCP deputy director, who likely accepted the position with the "hope" shared by many of us that "change" would bring a national drug control strategy that truly emphasizes prevention and treatment.
Perhaps more of a concern is that the ONDCP puts so much stock in simple trend charts.
government hasn't yet documented a trend indicating a rise in inhalant use among teenagers, says Terry Zobeck, deputy associate director for policy and budget at the ONDCP.
After recognizing this shortfall, from September 1999 through April 2000, Simko, along with his coconspirators, schemed to fraudulently inflate the number of hours that Ogilvy employees had worked on the ONDCP contract, including by submitting false timesheets.
These components are described in a previous paper, "A Systems Approach to Performance-Based Management: The National Drug Control Strategy," where the authors identify within a systems framework, certain tensions between policy rationality and political reality that surfaced as ONDCP embarked on a multiyear program of performance management.
I don't know how decisions were made between ONDCP and the Partnership.
Perhaps even more disturbing than the distorted message of the ONDCP ads is the fact that the drug czar seems to have no qualms selling his agenda to the public.