ONDTOptical Non-Destructive Testing
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Presenting Shem and Shaun as figures for the conflicting operations of language and for the opposing values of the audible and visual, Klein produces a nicely modulated analysis of the way the text asks us both to trust and to mistrust our reading eye The fables of the Mookse and Gripes and the Ondt and Gracehoper most strongly reveal Lewis's presence; here the context becomes political, as Joyce depicts Lewis's voice as that of an authority who plays "the comic role of the oppressed even as it oppresses" (p.
Patrick and the Archdruid, Tristopher and Hilary, Fester King and Pegger Festy, the Mookse and the Gripes, the Ondt and the Gracehoper, Burrus and Caseous, Justius and Mercius, time and space, a tree and a stone, etc.
With typically punning glee, the Ondt is gently teased for his inability to keep time with the Gracehoper's dance; yet the song also serves to remind the Ondt of his deeper failure to accommodate the stream of living time ('the chaosmos of Alle') (12) within an over-refined spatial intellect.