ONHSOlathe North High School (Olathe, KS)
ONHSOshkosh North High School (Wisconsin)
ONHSOlive Natural Heritage Society (West Shokan, NY)
ONHSOccupational Noise and Hearing Survey (NIOSH)
ONHSOxford Natural Heritage Study (Canada)
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Consequently, a reduced OPP in myopic eyes might result in a hypoxic condition of the neuroretinal tissue, in particular, resulting in a greater vulnerability of the ONH to IOp.
Caption: Figure 1 Minimum required measurements for diagnosing glaucoma: IOP measurement, assessment of the ONH and visual field assessment (diagnostic triad)
To address this issue, ONHS is refining the State estimates so that they reflect health care expenditures made by the population of a State rather than revenues received by the State's providers.
A normal ONH (see Figure 1) is round to slightly vertically oval,
* The colour of the ONH is normally uniform and well-perfused; if
paramount importance in thoroughly assessing the ONH. This article will
Each participant underwent star-pattern acquisition of the ONH consisting of 24 scans for the BMO-MRW and three high-resolution peripapillary SDOCT scans with different diameters (3.5 mm, 4.1 mm, and 4.7 mm).
Our hypothesis was that the BMO-MRW is influenced by ONH size.
The BMO-defined ONH area was also provided by the SPECTRALIS software in [mm.sup.2].
The patients were divided into 3 groups according to ONH area: 77 patients were in the 'small ONH' group (ONH area smaller than 1.63 [mm.sup.2]), 90 patients were in the 'medium ONH' group (ONH area between 1.63 [mm.sup.2] and 1.97 [mm.sup.2]), and 86 patients were in the 'large ONH' group (ONH area larger than 1.97 [mm.sup.2]).
Cirrus HD spectral domain OCT (Carl Zeiss Meditec, Dublin, CA, USA) was used to measure both the peripapillary RNFL thickness and ONH area.
Statistical significances of RNFL thicknesses in ONH size groups (classified as small, medium and large) were analyzed with one-way ANOVA.