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'Once again, I glimpse the familiar artworks and styles of old companions, some now in that glorious studio in the sky, and I greet them as of old-Nanding Ocampo, Cesar Legaspi, Joe Joya, Onib Olmedo, Galo Ocampo and so many others.'
Onib Olmedo, born in Manila on July 7, 1937, has been acclaimed by critics as "a major artist of the 20thcentury, who has played a significant role in the history of Philippine art."The artist's widow, Bettina, who more than anybody else, knew him as artist and person, said at the opening of the exhibit, that Onib "createda body of works that utilizes the figurative expressionist technique of distortion to portray the inner torment experienced by modern man.
Ocampo, Ang Kiukok, Cesar Legaspi, Onib Olmedo and Mauro Malang Santos.
The two-year wait culminates in an exhibit entitled "An Extraordinary Eye for the Ordinary." The Metropolitan Museum of Manila has assembled 200 of the artist's works, made in the span of 1979 to 2015, curated by historian Ambeth Ocampo, and running until March 28.element-invisibleLifestyle Feature ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: nk A figurative expressionist influenced by the styles of Carlos Botong Francisco, Onib Olmedo, Danilo Dalena, and Jaime de Guzman, Borlongan has always favored subtle distortions over naturalistic depictions, exploring the quiet deformations that light and lines exert on the human figure.
Also included in the auction are sculpture by Eduardo Castrillo, untitled paintings by Jorge Pineda and Onib Olmedo, and 'Homage to Mother Earth II' by Raul Isidro.
Among Atencio's extensive art collection are Joven Mansit's 'Uncommon Sense' and 'Scene from the Revolution'; 'Piano Wings' by Alwin Reamillo; 'People Power' by Jose Joya; 'People Power' by Onib Olmedo and 'Pila sa Bigas' by Vicente Manansala.
Odette Alcantara held court there, and her loyal knights aside from Mata included Onib Olmedo and other artists and writers who dropped in to chat.
There are works by the masters showing different periods in their creative life, among them BenCab, Lee Aguinaldo, Onib Olmedo, Vicente Manansala, Jos Joya, Arturo Luz, Lao Lianben, Pederico Alcuaz, Ang Kiukok.
'Woman Drinking Coffee,' a painting by the late artist Onib Olmedo, will also be reproduced and sold.
He bested Ang Kiukok, Jose Joya and Onib Olmedo-who now all belong to the pantheon of Philippine art.
The pre-holiday collection features works by well-known Filipino artists: Ang Kuikok, Buen Abrigo, Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, Marcel Antonio, Max Balatbat, Elmer Borlongan, Ben Cabrera, Charlie Co, Jigger Cruz, Romulo Galicano, Emmanuel Garibay, Kawayan de Guia, Geraldine Javier, Jose Joya, Kublai, Cesar Legaspi, Luis Lorenzana, Vicente Manansala, Justine Nuyda, Romulo Olazo, Onib Olmedo, Lynyrd Paras, Don Salubayba, Juvenal Sanso, Christian Tamondong, Rodel Tapaya and Olan Ventura.
The settings showcase the decorative elements sourced abroad, such as silver leaf mirror frames, metal candelabras, brass lamps, crystal chandeliers and paintings by famous artists such as Justin Nuyda, Malang, Isabel Diaz and Onib Olmedo.