ONIROverhead Non-Imaging Infra-Red (sensor-to-shooter connectivity)
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Onir, who uses one name, first started making waves with his 2005 film based on the real life story of swimming champion Dominic D'Souza, the southern Indian state of Goa's first reported case of HIV.
Onir Dhar, National award winning filmmaker known for films like My Brother...Nikhil , Bas Ek Pal and I Am who started the petition said, "We are celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema, but there are still many among us, in all regional film industries of Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and others, who are facing a lot of problems in terms of how to show our films."
(L to R) Abhimanyu Singh, Purab Kohli, Onir, Juhi Chawla & Sanjay Suri
Filon de Alexandria (De Praemiis et Poenis 125), Artemidoro Daldiani (Onir. 1.35), Orphicomm Fragmenta 168), etc.
"The likes of Onir and Anurag Kashyap are examples of how corporate funding has brought a whole new genre of film-makers to the industry, " says Sameer Gupta, Head of Cinema Capital Venture Fund, that financed the 2009 hit movie All the Best .
The Indian movies like My Brother Nikil (Suri, Tejwani, Onir & Kaushal, 2005) and Phir Milenge (Meet Again) (Singh & Revathi, 2004) were an attempt at educating people with entertainment (Singh, 2006).
GEOINT consists of Electro-Optical (EO); Advanced Geospatial Intelligence (AGI), also referred to as imagery-derived MASlNT; Overhead Non-Imaging Infrared (ONIR); Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR); Geospatial Information and Services (GI&S); Moving Target Indicator (MTI); Infrared (IR), and Full Motion Video (FMV).
"Space support to lethality comes from commercial space sources or other sources of targetable information such as ONIR (overhead on-imaging Infrared).
Celebrities like Divya Dutta, Onir and Apurva Asrani reacted on losing followers overnight.
But releasing and marketing a film has become tougher than ever, and that is worrisome for filmmakers like us." Sanjay co-owns the banner Anticlock Films with filmmaker Onir. They have produced films like My Brother Nikhil, I Am, Chauranga and Shab.
Besides Trivedi, the front row comprised of socialites Zeba and Rajesh Kohli, sculptor Arzan Khambata, film director Onir, actor and former MH Cover Guy Freddy Daruwala, among others.
Designated the in-theatre element of the US Space Command's theater event system (TES), the JTAGS is a relocatable information processing system, designed to allow continuous processing of overhead non-imaging infrared (ONIR) data downlinked from the defence support programme's (DSP) satellite constellation, space-based infrared system and other systems.