ONKOpen Nederlands Kampioenschap
ONKOperation No One Knows (band)
ONKOperation New Kangleipak (India)
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Yazisma Adresi / Address for Correspondence: Oruc Alper Onk E-posta: alperonk@hotmail.com
Main Constituents (wt,%) Si[O.sub.2] 2.26 [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] 0.10 [Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3] 0.12 MgO 0.63 CaO 58.29 [Na.sub.2]O 0.18 [K.sub.2]O 0.02 [P.sub.2][O.sub.5] 27.30 S[O.sub.3] 1.10 F 0.74 L.O.I * 9.21 SrO 0.05 Zr[O.sub.2] 0.01 [Y.sub.2][O.sub.3] 0.01 L.O.I = Loss of ignition Table 2: Lanthanide and uranium content in selected phosphate rock [U.sub.2] Phosphate [Ln.sub.2] [O.sub.4] Rock Source [O.sub.3] (%) (g/ton) Russia Kola 0.8-1.0 5 USA Florida-Pebble 0.06-0.29 150 Algeria Djebel Onk 0.13-0.18 110 Morocco Khoribga 0.14-0.16 130 Tunisia 0.14 40-50 Egypt 0.028 50-200 Vietnam 0.031 n.d Table 3: Recovery of Ln, U and P2O5 after leaching of apatite using nitric acid, phase ratio L/S 4 at 25 [degrees]C.
This now features a complex at Guelma, 57 km south-west of Annaba, using ore from Algeria's largest phosphate mine at Djebel Onk south of Tebessa, producing 1,500 t/d of phosphoric acid; 4,500 t/d of sulphuric acid; 3,000 t/d of diammonium phosphate; and 1,000 t/d of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium - all on stream since early 2014.
Cette nouvelle ligne, qui vient renforcer un reseau electrique reliant les deux pays via 4 connexions (Metlaoui/Djebel Onk, Tejerouine/Aouinet (deux lignes) et Fernana/La Kale), devra relier les villes de Jendouba au nord-ouest de la Tunisie et Chafia au nord-est de l'Algerie.
Council technical committee chairman and area councillor Khalid Bu Onk confirmed he had refused to approve the final blueprints until an assessment is made of its potential impact on key infrastructure networks.
We assume that the estimation of ONK at 6.2 bn RUR is reduced - considering the current quotes the very portfolio of Ufaorgsintez, which belongs to ONK, costs about 7.47 bn RUR.
Templeton 10 1 Ifscoringfirst WDL Celtic 41 0 Hearts 12 0 Ifconcedingfirst WDL Celtic 10 0 Hearts 00 1 ourtip 2pts onK risCo mmons first goalscorer .
"The (gun shop) owner invited us and was nice enough to let us,"onk said.
FORMER MotoGP rider Chris Burns will today complete his second day of testing as he prepares for a second stab at the ONK Dutch Superbike Championship, writes ZOE BURN.
The team was comprised of Italian and Polish boys from the Green Street area and their home field was `the corn field.' Although their last names have been lost along the way, the group is identified via nicknames - members of the team include Frankie, Chick, Adolf, Gump, Sonny, Bumps, Dino, Onk, Toots, Joe, and (back right) Gene Ingano, my dad.
ONEK announced the scheme at a press conference on Tuesday less than a month after the United Nations celebrated international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking, and it is the latest anti drug abuse initiative to be undertaken by the ONK's "multipurpose centre" in Nicosia.
HONKY T Y ONK - Charlie Gillett's K Radio Picks (Ace) ) THIS is a superb collection of Honky Tonk-style music containing 25 cool, sassy, sexy tracks from the 50s, 60s and 70s.