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ONLOn Line
ONLO'Neill, Nebraska (airport code)
ONLOrange and Lemons (band; Philippines)
ONLOrder of Newfoundland and Labrador
ONLOdyssey Native Library
ONLOasis North London (UK coalition of people living with HIV and AIDS)
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Participation in the financing was a balance of current investors, ONL management, and new investors.
This team is focused on the dissemination of information from ONL as well as bringing the concerns and questions from Vermont members to ONL.
The thicknesses of the total retina, outer nuclear layer (ONL), and inner nuclear layer were determined with the Panoramic Viewer software (3DHistech Ltd., Budapest, Hungary).
Enface thickness maps and reflectance images were generated for each of 7 retinal layers (NFL, GCLIPL, INL, OPL, ONL, OSL, and RPE) based on segmentation of the 8 retinal interfaces in the SDOCT B-scans.
At first, colloidal solutions of 0.1 wt% natural or organomodified clay nanolayers (NLs or ONLs) have been prepared using magnetic stirrer and ultrasonic waves.
The effects of the different treatment paradigms were characterized by quantifying the fraction of dying cells in the INL and ONL (Fig.
ONL expects to advance ONL1204 into clinical trials for retinal detachment patients in 2016.
He called onl the armed movements who are refusing the national dialogue to change their position and participate in it.
The closing indicative value of TVIX onl, 2015 will be multiplied by ten to determine its reverse split-adjusted closing indicative value.
MASTERCHEF (BBC1, 8.30pm) ONLY ONL 12 contestants have made it to this stage from the original 40, and from now on, each show will be a knockout "ght.
It's the only onl egg she likes, she w| tea.t an egg and soldiers as the egg is too runny nny nn and she doesn't like that."
"Ever since I was nine, people have been on my back to win titles, although the onl y pressure I feel is what I put on myself.