ONMSOptical Network Management System
ONMSOffice of National Marine Sanctuaries (Silver Spring, MD)
ONMSOrbiter Neutral Mass Spectrometer (US NASA)
ONMSOpen Network Management System
ONMSOptical Network Management System (Astal Point)
ONMSOpieka Nad Magicznymi Stworzeniami (Polish: Care of Magical Creatures; Harry Potter)
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Based on the special properties of the optic-null medium (ONM), we find that the design process can be very simple: all we need to do is to design the shapes of the input and output surfaces of the device and use a properly shaped ONM that links these two surfaces.
ONM has been used for different optical/electromagnetic devices, e.g., an optical hyper-lens [15], magnetic hoses [16], field concentrators [17], radome for a phased array antenna [8], etc..
P3a latency for HMD6 was shortest for the OM group, followed closely by the YM group, and longest latencies were observed for the YNM and ONM groups, respectively.
To further elucidate the interaction between aging and musicianship, MMN and P3a data were compared among four groups: young musicians (YM), young nonmusicians (YNM), older musicians (OM), and older nonmusicians (ONM).
The ONMS works cooperatively with the public and with federal, state, and local officials to promote conservation while allowing compatible commercial and recreational activities.
Because of its unique standing, the sanctuary is jointly managed by ONMS and the state of Michigan.
nHto "Onms ne day we were at the hospital and Howard said he'd seen someone that was the spitting image of me.
By be By be sh tos An hey e In nrv op r, Th onm fin ser ado In 1997, Jennifer decided to try and nd her sister by contacting social rvices, and adding her own name to an option list in case Kathleen knew about r, and was also searching.
According to a study from Khatmandu teaching hospital, haemorrhage accounted for 41.66% and hypertensive disorders for 21.77% cases, but near-miss prevalence rates were lower at 2.3%.18 A pilot study from India reported pre-eclampsia/eclampsia and haemorrhage as the leading equal contributors (35%) to ONMs, followed by sepsis in 13% cases.19
The present study is the first from a public-sector hospital with reasonably large data on ONMs, and it also presents data on the indirect causes of ONM.
About Acterna's Optical Network Performance and Monitoring System (ONMS)
Acterna Optical Network Management System (ONMS) offers network operators significant commercial advantage through increased productivity, reduced network down time and easier, faster network provisioning.