ONPGOrtho-Nitrophenyl-Galactopyranoside (chemistry)
ONPGOperational Nuclear Planning Group
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Non-typical characteristics of the isolates obtained in the present study included no growth in MacConkey agar, as well as beta-hemolytic negative colonies and positive beta-galactosidase ONPG, which is atypical for M.
Sugar fermentations showed positive results for glucose, mannose, inositol, sorbitol, rhamnose, melibiose, arabinose, while they were negative for beta-galactosidase (ONPG), urease, tryptophan deaminase, indole production, acetoin production, and gelatin hydrolysis.
Este metodo se basa en la capacidad de los coliformes totales para producir la enzima [beta]-galactosidasa que metaboliza el nutriente indicator de Colilert, el O-nitrofenil-[beta]-D-galactopiranosido (ONPG), lo que cambia las muestras a un color amarillo; por su parte, la E.
violaceum was evaluated in response to paraquat compound by measuring the expression levels of the [beta]-galactosidase enzyme in the presence of the ONPG reagent (ortho-nitrophenyl-[beta]-D-galactopyranoside) (Sigma-Aldrich), as proposed in detail by Miller (1972).
[beta]-Galactosidase from Aspergillus oryzae, polymethylmethacrylate, cellulose acetate, glucose oxidase-peroxidase assay kit, and o-nitrophenyl [beta]-D-galactopyranoside (ONPG) was obtained from Sigma Chem.
Characteristics Bacterial strain GSM2 Catalase - Oxidase + Urease + Citrate utilization - Nitrate reduction + Glucose + Adonitol + Lactose - Sorbitol + Esculin hydrolysis - Xylose - Maltose + Fructose + Galactose - Raffinose - Trehalose + Melibiose - Sucrose + L-Arabinose + Mannose + Inulin + Sodium gluconate + Glycerol + Salicin + Dulcitol + Inositol + Mannitol [+] Arabitol + Erythritol [+] [alpha]-Methyl-D-glucoside + Rhamnose + Cellobiose + Melezitose + [alpha]-Methyl-D-mannoside - Xylitol - ONPG - D-Arabinose + Malonate utilization + Sorbose - +: positive, [+]: weakly positive, and -: negative.
The Gram-negative or Gram-variable short rods, transparent colonies, [beta]-hemolytic on human blood agar, catalase-negative, Glucose, Prolin, ONPG positive, were presumptively identified as G.
Both o-nitrophenyl-[beta]-D-galactoside (ONPG) uptake and release of UV-absorbing material concentrations results exhibited that ceftazidime and apigenin combination damaged CREC cytoplasmic membrane (CM) and caused subsequent leakage of intracellular constituents.
b- galactosidase activity was determined using chromogenic substrate o-nitrophenyl- b- galactoside (ONPG) and the released amount of the product o- nitrophenol was determined.