ONRIOsaka National Research Institute (Osaka, Japan)
ONRIOld Negev Research Institute (Egyptian writings)
ONRIOregon Natural Resources Institute (Oregon State University)
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During an inspection on April 8, Labayog said a team from the PQC and the provincial environment and natural resources office found a stockpile of what appears like mixed gravel and sand, and blast furnace slag, about 20 meters high, at the northern portion of Onri seaport complex here.
The program is funded through the Africa Trade Fund (AfTra) established in March 2012 and managed by ONRI. AfTra is a responsive technical assistance facility for RMCs and RECs to participate in and benefit from regional and international market opportunities.
2040 de 27 de enero de 1955, se creo la Onri, institucion esta que tenia como funcion principal la rehabilitacion de los incapacitados por causas patologicas, congenitas o accidentales, asi como su reeducacion profesional y tutela social.
She said, oNRI Pulse is a household name here [Atlanta] today.
ONRI operates a sand-processing plant near the Padsan River in Sarrat, with a capacity of 3,500 metric tons of magnetite sand per day and an international conveyor port in Barangay (village) Gabut Norte in Badoc town.
A group from the African Development Bank (AfDB) headed by Moono Mupotola, Division Manager, Regional Integration and Trade (ONRI), and Freddie Kwesiga, Resident Representative in Zambia, and made of Zambia Country Office, ONRI and Southern Africa Regional Resource Centre officials attended the launch of two Bank-funded trade-related projects.