ONRWOutstanding National Resource Water (EPA designation for bodies of water)
ONRWOutstanding National Resource Water (Clean Water Act designation)
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antidegradation policies and, in particular, ONRW designations in
of the ONRW designation in In re Amendment of the City of Los
[section] 1002-31:31.28(C)(3) (explaining that ONRW
(LexisNexis 2011) (providing criteria for ONRW designation, including
an extensive list of ONRW designated waters "from their
consider impact of development near Lake Tahoe on an ONRW).
Waters" (ONRWs), which include "waters of National and State
changes" in water quality can be permitted in ONRWs. (409)
(413) In Washington, to be eligible as ONRWs, water bodies within
Protection of wilderness waters as ONRWs is not limited to the
bodies as ONRWs and have given them the highest level of protection from
(noting that there are few waterbodies designated as ONRWs throughout