ONSAOhio Nursing Students' Association
ONSAOklahoma Nursing Student Association
ONSAOffice of the National Science Advisor (Canada)
ONSAOrganization for Nucleotide Sequencing and Analysis
ONSAOregon Neighborhood Store Association
ONSAOperasionele Navorsingsvereniging Van Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans: Operations Research Society of South Africa)
ONSAOffice of the National Security Adviser (various nations)
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Disclosing this to Sunday Tribune on the condition of anonymity, a source in the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) revealed that lack of respect for Nigeria's trade policies was the major reason behind the border closure policy.
Although wariness regarding such claims is understandable, ONSA acted on its promise and no internet disruptions were recorded over the election weekend.
In particular, the CPA Office of National Security Affairs (ONSA) was a common point of friction.
ONSA scientists sequenced the genome of the chlorosis-causing Xylella strain, making them the first in the world to sequence the genome of a plant pathogen.
Other favorites include "Var ho?" about a group of children's fateful game of hide-and-seek; "Onsa," about the problems involved in recording Icelandic place-names; "Fuglaskoari og jurtasafnari," about an argument between an ornithologist and a botanist; and "Onot saga," about a story which "never became a story.
"This ONSA machine costs PS18,500 rental per annum, which is chicken feed really when you think about it," said the former headteacher from Colwyn Bay.
Annual Semi-annual BORI 9 2 BUCU 33 1 GLXV 36 1 GOPE 6 2 GRAZ 12 1 MATE 12 1 ONSA 7 0 PENC 24 1 POTS 15 2 RIGA 19 1 SVTL 9 2 UZHL 10 1 VISO 8 1 WROC 15 2 WSRT 8 2 WTZR 6 4 WTZZ 5 2 ZIMJ 3 2 Note: Table made from bar graph.
The operation, which would be carried out at borders in the South South, South West, North Central and North West, is being coordinated by the office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA).
If you would like to learn more about ONSA please contact Tara Goodman at onsapresident@gmail.com.
This solution is consistent over the period 2000/01-2007/12 and was applied for selected stations only: BOGO, BOR1, DRES, GOPE, GRAZ, HERS, HFLK, KIRU, NICO, ONSA, POTS, REYK, TUBI, WTZR.