ONSEOnsite Energy Corporation (Carlsbad, CA)
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Nafahat Al Onse. Mehdi Tohidi poor, Tehran: Mahmoudi Pub.
Le MNE regroupe l'Union nationale des etudiants algeriens (UNEA), l'Union generale des etudiants libres (UGEL), la Ligue nationale des etudiants algeriens (LNEA), l'Union generale des etudiants algeriens (UGEA), l'Organisation nationale des etudiants algeriens (ONEA), l'Alliance pour le renouveau estudiantin national (AREN), la Solidarite nationale estudiantine (SNE) et l'Organisation nationale de la solidarite estudiantine (ONSE).
fighters of Zintan were the onse who captured Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi.
"I think this is probably onSe of the most satisfying wins of my career just because of that.
In Jan Blom (Breyten Breytenbach) se "Onse milde god van alles wat soet en mooi is", Ronnie Belcher se "Atta unsar pu in himinam" en Andre Letoit (Koos Kombuis) se "gonse vader" geskied die herhaling met 'n sterk kritiese ingesteldheid--hierdie gedigte is voorbeelde van nabootsing met ironiese inversie.
" Head of the terroristic cell , Onse Kanj acknowledge that he is in contact with Ahmad Aoude from " Jamaat Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimin" (Muslims' brethren party) and that Aoude supplied him with weapons and asked him to shoot on demonstrators, record that and publish it on the internet.
- generally make onse self indispensable, and at the same time F117A-like (stealth fighter below the radar etc.).
Liewe Mev Anna-Marie Spies is nou in die hemel met Onse Vader en liewe Jesus, omsingel deur klein kindertjies net soos julle!
In a stat= ement issued last week, it said Juniper Cobra "is not related to or in resp= onse to any world events".
In a poem "Hy Droech Onse Smerten" (He Bore Our Suffering), he confessed that it was not the Jew or the Roman soldier who was responsible for Jesus' death; rather, "I am, O Lord, I am the one who did this to you; I am the heavy tree you had to bear; I am the tight rope with which you were bound; The nail, and the spear, the whip that slew you; The blood-stained crown upon your head; For this all happened, alas, because of my sins." (56) The vicarious purpose of the crucifixion compels the author to entreat the reader to place him or herself as a participant of the drama at the cross, and it simultaneously underscores the spiritual and emotional intimacy between Christ and the believer.