ONSIOrion Network Systems, Inc
ONSIOffice of National Scholarship Information (University of Missouri, St. Louis)
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Other large firms have carved out a niche in advanced micropower product lines via their respective divisions: BP Amoco (via BP Solar) in photovoltaics; Enron (via Enron Wind) in wind turbines; United Technologies (via IFC, ONSI, and P&W) in fuel cells and microturbines.
Toshiba is marketing the power source technology in Asia, while ONSI will handle the American and European markets, the spokesman said.
The units will operate for at least 5 years, with ONSI and the participating utilities providing service and technical support.
According to ONSI, the PC25 power plant is a factory assembled, self-contained fuel cell with a continuous rating of 200 kW/235 kVA.