ONSSOffice National de Sécurité Sociale (Belgique)
ONSSOptical Networks and Systems Symposium
ONSSOffice of Nursing Student Services (University of Alabama; Tuscaloosa, AL)
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ONSS aims to develop a strategy encompassing construction programmes for all governorates in the sultanate.
According to SCP's website, ONSS will outline the country's desired spatial developments up to 2040, and will also include implementation programmes and proposals for a legal planning framework, a new planning information system, and capacity building programmes.
Explaining the benefits that investors would receive through ONSS, SCP adds: "For investors, it is extremely important to know what the spatial policies are for the long term, both in the whole country and in the governorates.
ONSS aims at developing a comprehensive national vision for construction development and preparing construction development strategies for the various governorates in the Sultanate.
Al Affani said the main ONSS components include the a€?
In its 30-year time frame, ONSS shall provide guidance and directions for all lower level a€?
The work on preparation of the ONSS is expected to start in September/October this year.
Il concerning provision of services such as publishing the journal ONSS, the management of relations with the latter, the edition of the payslips and other administrative documents which the list will be precisely defined in the description of the present specification.