ONTTOptic Neuritis Treatment Trial (National Eye Institute)
ONTTOro-Neorectal Transit Time
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For the current tourist season, ONTT expects more than 120 thousand Czech tourists to arrive in Tunisia, says the representative of the office in Prague, adding that the destination Tunisia has become a classic destination for Czech tourists with, on average, 100 thousand tourists per year.
The General Director of ONTT also said European markets grew by 46%, with the German market rising 60% and the Belgian market up 100%.
The gathering was inked by the Director General of ONTT, the chairmen of the hotel trade and travel agencies federations and the CEOs of Tunisian airlines, in the company of Transport Minister Abdelkarim Harouni and Tourism Minister Elyes Fakhfakh.
Answering questions on the current conditions of security and peace in Tunisia, ONTT Director-General said that the situation has so far recorded a noteworthy improvement and that the Government has made the necessary arrangements to bolster security, adding that similar measures have been taken on the border areas so that transiting takes place under the best conditions.
(22) Any type of visual field defect is possible although the ONTT suggested that altitudinal field defects, arcuate defects and nasal steps were more common.
During these talks held with attendance of Tunisian National Tourism Board (ONTT) Director-General the minister got acquainted with the various development programmes of these Italian tour operators in Tunisia.
In 2018, over 1.690 million overnight stays were recorded in the Tunisian hotels, according to data provided by the Tunisian National Tourist Office (ONTT) in Prague; Results that exceeded those recorded in 2010, a reference year.
Une delegation d'operateurs du secteur touristiques, dont des responsables a l'Office national du tourisme (ONTT), des hoteliers et des artisans tunisiens, est, actuellement, dans la capitale tcheque pour prendre part a cette manifestation.
"Work related to the implementation of the integrated mega-tourism project" La Cigale ", in the tourist area of Gammarth (North Suburbs of Tunis) is expected to start in February of 2018 ", AfricanManager learnt from a source of the Tunisian National Tourist Office (ONTT).
Commenting on the news, Anissa Ramoundi , from the Tunisian National Tourist Board (ONTT) in London, said that Jet2.com's new TunisianAa service will "provide a real boost to tourism in the country".
Representative of the Tunisian National Tourist Office (French: ONTT) in Prague Mohamed Oussama Ben Yedder told TAP in an interview figures showed an upward trend in 2018.
Les revenus touristiques comptabilises en devises par l'Office national du tourisme tunisien (ONTT), tiennent compte uniquement des depenses des touristes europeens et ne repondent pas aux standards de l'Organisation mondiale du tourisme (OMT) en matiere de calcul des recettes, a indique le president de la Federation tunisienne de l'hotellerie (FTH) Khaled Fakhfakh.