ONTTOptic Neuritis Treatment Trial (National Eye Institute)
ONTTOro-Neorectal Transit Time
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Earlier, working sessions had been held between ONTT officials and travel agents operating on Tunisia, who had expressed their solidarity and support to the Tunisian tourism, voicing their concerns about the high rates of air transport and stays in Tunisian hotels.
22) Any type of visual field defect is possible although the ONTT suggested that altitudinal field defects, arcuate defects and nasal steps were more common.
30 In the ONTT only the presence of oligoclonal bands correlated with later development of MS; even so, these patients also had an abnormal baseline MRI which predicted their higher risk of MS, rendering CSF analysis unnecessary.
35) In the ONTT 79% and 93% of patients started to show signs of improvement within 3 and 5 weeks of onset respectively.
The recommended regimen is 1 g of intravenous methylprednisolone sodium succinate per day for three days, based on the ONTT.
Several meetings were also held between ONTT Director General Abdellatif Hmam, President of the Tunisian Federation of Travel Agencies Mohamed Ali Toumi and representatives of Chinese travel agencies operating in Tunisia.
At the headquarters of the same ministry, we had, among other actions, invited ambassadors of countries concerned, in the presence of representatives of the Interior Ministry, ONTT and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the official in charge of which dedicates 30% of his activity abroad to this issue.
ONTT will be represented by a delegation of its directorate in Tunis that will present its recovery plan for the tourism season 2016.
The website will be run and updated by the ONTT, in collaboration with the FTAV in a first stage, said Central Director for Training and Team Leader of Tunisia-Japan Program of Tourism Co-operation Mohamed Jerbi.
Au debut du mois, l'Office national du tourisme ONTT confirmait a l'occasion du salon du tourisme de Berlin ITB la meme tendance.
For his part, Director General of ONTT Abdellatif Hmam said Tunisia must "solve the problem of the three" S ", namely security, hygiene and service" to meet the challenges in the tourism sector, severely affected by the crisis.
We will schedule more flights from September, in collaboration with ONTT, FTH, FTAV and even civil society, to encourage weekend domestic tourism.