ONUMOZUnited Nations Operation in Mozambique
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When the ONUMOZ mission ended and the official reintegration process was branded successful, the FRELIMO government was to set the agenda regarding the demobilized soldiers.
Yet, they were not incorporated into the DDR program of ONUMOZ and, as far as the government is concerned, they are not veterans.
Other DSL clients include De Beers, Shell, Mobil, Amoco, BP and Chevron; NGOs (CARE and GOAL), UNICEF, UNDP, UNHCR, UNAVEM and ONUMOZ.
Jett draws most of his examples from ONUMOZ (the UN peacekeeping operation in Mozambique) and UNAVEM II (the second UN peacekeeping operation in Angola).
Yet Jett declares Mozambique a failure because its political institutions have remained weak since the end of ONUMOZ.
Operation: UNTAC (Cambodia): $11,465,637; ONUMOZ (Mozambique):
Operation in Mozambique, ONUMOZ actually began in December 1992).
State Department Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs IPM International Police Monitoring Force, MFN police component IPTF International Police Task Force in Bosnia KFOR NATO's Kosovo Force LE Law Enforcement MNF Multilateral Force (in Haiti) NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization ONUMOZ U.