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When the ONUMOZ mission ended and the official reintegration process was branded successful, the FRELIMO government was to set the agenda regarding the demobilized soldiers.
Yet, they were not incorporated into the DDR program of ONUMOZ and, as far as the government is concerned, they are not veterans.
Jett draws most of his examples from ONUMOZ (the UN peacekeeping operation in Mozambique) and UNAVEM II (the second UN peacekeeping operation in Angola).
Yet Jett declares Mozambique a failure because its political institutions have remained weak since the end of ONUMOZ. If the standard of success in peacekeeping is that the United Nations must completely transform the political and economic system so that all post-war countries emerge as liberal market democracies, then all peacekeeping missions are, and probably always will be, failures.
In Mozambique, a larger and more complex peacekeeping force of between 5,000 and 7,000 personnel (ONUMOZ) was established in December 1992.
According to the UN Operation in Mozambique (Onumoz), demobilisation of government troops in the province of Inhambane has begun at Massinga, while that of Renamo began one week later at Neves.
The Onumoz schedule plans to demobilise 250 of the almost 1,200 soldiers at Massinga in the first phase, followed by a further 750 men over the next three to four weeks.
Two members of each provincial and district commission will be appointed by Renamo, one by every other registered political party and one by Onumoz, the UN team which is overseeing Mozambique's transition from civil war to free and fair multiparty elections.
At provincial level, these offices are to consist of 13 members, comprising six technical staff including the Director to be appointed by the government, three to be appointed by Renamo, two to be appointed by the other political parties and two to be appointed by Onumoz.
Operation: UNTAC (Cambodia): $11,465,637; ONUMOZ (Mozambique):
Operation in Mozambique, ONUMOZ actually began in December 1992).
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