ONWOlathe Northwest (school; Olathe, KS)
ONWOperation Northern Watch
ONWOn Watch
ONWomit needless words (Strunk and White)
ONWomit needless words
ONWOld Norwegian (linguistics)
ONWOvershoot Noise Width
ONWOrthopedics Northwest (Washington)
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that ONW largely achieved this operational objective.
level, ONW took place against the backdrop of international pressure on
To assess workplace environments, the ONW and academic pilot partners, members of the Mississippi Council of Deans and Directors of Schools of Nursing, adapted the Magnetic Resources Inventory (MRI) to the educational setting.
rotation rate, direction of rotation, cycle length), there has been little work on ONW.
Based on these considerations, the goal of the present study was to focus directly on the effects of ONW and to use a multiple-task environment 2and testing schedule that represents a more adequate reflection of the complexity of real work environments--combining night work with extended task involvement and different levels of workload.
From the Iraqi regime's perspective, Turkey's support for existing sanctions, close cooperation with the KDP, repeated interventions across the border and continued harboring of ONW are causes for occasional diatribes in the Iraqi press.
By the time Ecevit became prime minister in 1999 and his party subsequently emerged as the largest from elections that year, the renewal of ONW had ceased to be as controversial an issue as its predecessor.
ONW, as it is known to participants, succeeded Provide Comfort Jan.
Approximately 1,500 American airmen and several hundred Brits are assigned to ONW.
At the strategic level, ONW took place against the backdrop
I was leading my section as part of the standard ONW package and things were ops normal as we lined up number one for takeoff in the middle of the launch.
After the September 1996 Iraqi incursion into northern Iraq, humanitarian aspects of ONW were ended and France ended its ONW participation.