OO-ALCOgden-Air Logistics Center
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Goodrich, along with the F-35 integrated product team, worked closely with OO-ALC on technical, quality and program elements to bring the depot's HVOF process online in a production environment.
With the workload transfer from SA-ALC to OO-ALC, the F-5 TCG lost a lot of knowledge and well-trained personnel.
In an effort to standardize all CPI efforts, OO-ALC selected the MainStream GS team to provide a range of services including training, cultural transformation, event facilitation, certification of government personnel, mentoring and advising senior level staff while ensuring OO-ALC initiatives remain aligned with the vision of Air Force Smart Operation for the 21st Century (AFSO21).
Karta is providing DMSMS mitigation, engineering, and system life cycle support to the OO-ALC MILSTAR program and WR-ALC 542nd Combat Sustainment Wing's common avionics, electronic warfare, and support equipment programs.
Provided a prototype tool to two supply chain managers (WR-ALC Support Equipment and Vehicle Management Directorate and OO-ALC Commodities Directorate)