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OOADObject Oriented Analysis and Design
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As was shown earlier, they can provide candidate definitions for business objects that are given to the software designer as classes for OOAD.
It could well be that the technical feasibility analysis by the OOAD indicates a level of technical risk that is too high.
The definitions can then be loaded as classes for further OOAD work.
In other words, all tests are designed against requirements and are devised in parallel with the OOAD activities.
However, we only document what we need, to get a very shallow understanding of the requirement--the details get filled in during a subsequent iteration immediately prior to OOAD and coding.
OOAD is one vehicle for conceiving new task functionality [9]: When problem entities are cast as computational objects with problem-specific responsibilities, some of these responsibilities may have been previously carried out by humans or other agents.
We have proposed a scenario-based approach to OOAD that closely integrates concerns about use and software in the early phases of system development.
The framework will serve as a basis for assimilating various pieces of research into a cohesive and complete OOAD methodology.
These processes do not include OOAD diagrams or notations.