OOBROff Off Broadway Review
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In Section IV, we discuss Constellation Expansion with symbol pair mapping and show through simulations, the improvement obtained in OOBR reduction.
Secondary users in the system are assumed to have the knowledge of spectrum occupied by primary users and make use of suppression techniques to reduce out of band radiation (OOBR).
This data stream is passed through the OOBR suppression unit before being fed to IFFT block for modulation.
Since the number of possible sequences is double than the original number of sequences, the sequence which generates minimum OOBR is selected for transmission.
Thus the chance of finding a sequence with lesser OOBR is more in random mapping than in fixed mapping.
It is therefore not necessary that the mapped sequence will generate minimum OOBR and as such each OFDM symbol needs to be mapped multiple times to obtain the sequence that generates minimum OOBR.
In Figures 6 & 7, the effect of symbol pair mapping on OOBR reduction is shown.