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OODOrder of Difficulty (exams)
OODObject-Oriented Design
OODOutward Opening Door (walk-in bathtubs)
OODObject Oriented Database
OODOracle on Demand
OODObject Oriented Device
OODObject Oriented Design
OODObject Oriented Development
OODOfficer Of the Deck
OODObject-Oriented Development
OODOfficer Of the Day
OODOut of Date
OODObject of Desire
OODOut of District (North Carolina State Board of Education)
OODOfficer on Duty
OODOn Official Duty
OODOrder of the Obsidian Dragon (gaming)
OODObject Oriented Delivery
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2 illustrates OOD of a screw motor with a massive rotor which is composed from modules of the induction motor (IM), machine with a massive rotor and screw.
Environment Agency ood and coastal risk manager Phil Weltonsaid: "e work at Port Clarence will improve on existing defences, and will be a mixture of embankments, ood walls and ground raising.
We hope that the consultant's report will show if it is now possible to reinstate gravel in the stream without increasing 'ood risk for people living nearby."
Right, Maia Dunstone comes face to face with an Ood
"Once I picked up Navigator of the Watch I was asked by the CO if I would like to get my OOD qualification and I jumped at the opportunity."
Seeing his ship being set down on the anchored vessel, the ship's CO ordered, "Hard right rudder." The OOD, however, told the CO if he was concerned about being set down on the anchored vessel, he should order a left rudder.
Essentially, Ood valged ja mustad is a meditation, in a mood of subdued and skeptical humanism, on the present ecological and political state of the world against the background of its historical depth.
Mr Westw ood's solicitor confirmed his client had been suspended with immediate effect.
The difficulties of learning OOD are compounded by the fact that expert programmers have high confidence in their ability to learn new programming techniques, and find the steep learning curve frustrating and demoralizing.
Three A-class investment certificates were awarded to Warehousing and Logistics EOOD, Asisa OOD and Valian OOD, as well as two Class B investment certificates to Memtex and Sadovo Invest OOD.