OODAObserve, Orient, Decide, Act
OODAObservation, Orientation, Decision and Action
OODAObject-Oriented Domain Analysis
OODAObject-Oriented Design with Assemblies
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Can a common operating picture of all the domains be created--along with the necessary networks--to provide the joint force with all the needed information to stay inside the adversary's OODA loop?
Supply chain managers need the equivalent of an OODA loop to take advantage of new technologies and make decisions at the new speed of business.
Although almost all air-to-ground engagements in Afghanistan are in support of SOF missions, the single air tasking process attempts to fill as many requests for support as possible from both conventional and SOF on a lengthy timeline that is much longer than the SOF OODA loop.
pilots during WWII allowed them to complete the first three components of the OODA loop more quickly and accurately and the hydraulically assisted controls of the F-86 allowed the pilot to initiate the decided upon maneuver more quickly than his adversary in the MiG.
The DSCA OODA loop's purpose is to help the staff quickly frame problems by identifying and recognizing stakeholders and partners that the unit does not traditionally work with.
Embracing the OODA Loop allows the military to harness technologies that support decision-making, which is emphasized during the observe and orient phase, while preserving the human aspects of the decide and act component.
Here's the Reader's Digest version of the OODA loop.
WHEN the US military trains fighter pilots, it uses a concept called the OODA loop.
They use Boyd's OODA (observe, orient, decide, act) loop and Warden's five-rings targeting concept but discuss them beyond what they see as the oversimplification of both ideas in common use.
Based on the OODA Loop, active segmentation is a cyclical process of observing network behavior, orienting segmentation goals to that behaviour, adapting policies and implementing them.
Then there are learning cycles, like the OODA loop (observe, orient, decide, act), which is widely used in military circles.
gt;> OODA loop (observe, orient, decide, act): The notion comes from John Boyd, an Air Force fighter pilot who "crafted a framework for making rapid decisions that would ensure success in fast-changing environments.