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OODBMSObject Oriented Data Base Management System
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To evaluate the performance of our query-unnesting algorithm, we used the [Lambda]-DB OODBMS to optimize and run 13 nested OQL queries against a sample database.
It has been shown to have performance that is competitive with existing commercial OODBMS [Carey et al.
Butler [1987] simulated the behavior of several kinds of collectors running against a centralized OODBMS.
In this application, the object library and the maintenance facility correspond to the object database and the OODBMS respectively.
Since OODBMSs provide some "ORB-like" services such as object reference generation and management, this adapter will be tuned to integrate OODBMSs with ORB distribution and communication.
A status report on the OO7 OODBMS benchmarking effort.
C Lines PushDown+ queries without expensive 900 predicates, and queries without joins PullUp queries with either free or very 1400 expensive selections PullRank queries with at most one join 2000 Predicate all queries 3000 Migration Exhaustive all queries 1100 Algorithm Comments PushDown+ OK for single table queries, and thus some OODBMSs.
OODBMS applications phrase their requests logically, in terms of objects.
More recently, a Callback Locking algorithm that provides transaction serializability has been employed in the ObjectStore OODBMS [Lamb et al.
Through this feature, developers can easily build clients that access CORBA-compliant servers; such as servers that provide applications services, encapsulate existing relational or legacy data, access an OODBMS, etc.
Centralizing data into a massive data repository slows both RDBMS and OODBMS systems response time to impractical lengths.