OODBSObject Oriented Database System
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In their work, only structural information such as OODB inheritance hierarchies, single inheritance and multiple inheritance are used.
For an OODB, how to determine if a class is an FA class or not is discussed in next section.
The development of an effective query optimizer is one of the key factors for OODB systems to successfully compete with relational systems, as well as to meet the performance requirements of many nontraditional applications.
We propose an effective framework with a solid theoretical basis for optimizing OODB query languages.
We use both a calculus and an algebra as intermediate forms because the calculus closely resembles current OODB languages and is easy to put into canonical form, while the algebra is lower-level and can be directly translated into the execution algorithms supported by database systems.
The simplicity of our method is due to the monoid comprehension calculus as an intermediate form for OODB queries.
Section 7 presents transformation rules for unnesting OODB queries.
( d.instructors [] d [left arrow] Departments, d.name="CSE" }, e [left arrow] el, [disconjunction]{ c.name="cse5331" [] c [left arrow] e.teaches } }, which is based on our example OODB schema, is a valid expression in the calculus.
HiPAC was associated with the passive OODB PROBE, and objects in this model were used to store the ECA-rules of the active extension.
1991; Diaz and Jaime 1997], adds active facilities to the OODB ADAM, in which instances, classes, rules, and events are represented uniformly as database objects.
1994] is an active rule system for the [O.sub.2] commercial OODB [Deux et al.
1991; Gatziu and Dittrich 1994] provides active facilities on top of the ObjectStore commercial OODB. As the developers of SAMOS did not have access to the source of ObjectStore, the active system is implemented as a layer on top of ObjectStore, rather than as part of the kernel.