OODPObject Oriented Distributed Programming
OODPOffice of Oncology Drug Products (US FDA)
OODPOntario Organizational Development Program (est. 1995; Canada)
OODPOddhobby Open Directory Project (website)
OODPObject Oriented Design Pattern
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However, the source of dispute was whether there was a legally binding agreement for Ansbury to transfer 20 per cent share of its equity in the venture to Whitmore, such that OODP BVI equity would change to 60 per cent for Whitmore and 40 per cent for Ansbury.
FIGURE 3: The programming language OODP. S [member of] Stmts ::= [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] fun [member of] Funs ::= f (p){S; return ([S.sub.r]);} inhrt [member of] Inherits ::= [epsilon] | inherits C cls [member of] Classes ::= class C inhrt {fun*} prog [member of] Progs ::= cls* main() {S} The ready analysis is a forward analysis that takes as an input a set of statements and memory locations (the ready set of the first program point).
Frequent Statement and Dereference Elimination of OODP Programs
Object-oriented concepts such as subtyping and inheritance are included in the model language (dubbed OODP) whose syntax is shown in Figure 3.
Hence an OODP program is a set of classes followed by a "main" function.
Using semantics notions of Figure 4, Definitions 1, 3, and 5 are applicable and convenient for the analyses in this section for the language OODP.
Prior to the establishment of OODP, FDA transferred regulatory oversight for most non-biologic cancer prevention applications from various CDER review divisions to the Division of Oncology Drug Products, which now is a component of the new cancer office.