OODPObject Oriented Distributed Programming
OODPOffice of Oncology Drug Products (US FDA)
OODPOntario Organizational Development Program (est. 1995; Canada)
OODPOddhobby Open Directory Project (website)
OODPObject Oriented Design Pattern
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Established as part of the recent reorganization of the CDER's Office of New Drugs, OODP officially began operations this past summer under the leadership of Director Richard Pazdur.
Prior to the establishment of OODP, FDA transferred regulatory oversight for most non-biologic cancer prevention applications from various CDER review divisions to the Division of Oncology Drug Products, which now is a component of the new cancer office.
The OODP consists of three awards: the Ancient Order, the Honorable Order, and the Carol Ann Watson Spouse Award.