OOEDObject-Oriented Event-Driven
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But I do know that sitting in a booth listening to one of the first exclusive plays of their last album I refused to follow the herd and heap praise on them for telling me to get on my boots - my sexy boots while everyone else ooed and aahed at the "depth" of their musings.
I was in my glory, I ooed and ahhhed over those babies and within a week he sent me back for a few more (I got six).
Much was made of the little boy's playing with a top, as though it were a precocious demonstration of spiritual powers; when the top skittered over the loft floor, everyone ooed and clapped.
At work the make-up ladies got the first glimpse and they "ooed" and "ahhed", as did all my colleagues.
Chris had ooed and ahhed over the menu for sometime and finally decided to have what he has on 95pcof his restaurant outings, a sirloin steak -and he was not disappointed.