OOERObject-Oriented and Entity-Relationship Modeling (conference)
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Mr McGee and the Biting Flea by Pamela Allen (Viking hardback, pounds 10.99) is an entertaining picture book for the very young who will love to chant along and no doubt have a giggle as Mr McGee has to strip off (completely - ooer!) by the seaside to ri d himself of a troublesome flea.
Rupert Penry-Jones stars in a thriller where college friends go away together for a minibreak and past tensions, ooer.
Stuck in a timewarp, his Carry On-style one-liners were painful to behold: "Nice rack, Anthea!" he said, after being presented with a rack of lamb, before telling Jenny: "If you want me to squeeze your lemon, give me a shout!" Ooer, indeed.
This comedy is high on low-brow with some of the lines worthy of an "ooer Missus" from Kenneth Williams, while the entertaining effect of men getting their kit off is taken for granted and never analysed, with plenty of tantalising glimpses of flesh and hip grinding before the final climax.
To illustrate: (33) in bethleem in ooer byrig 2.16 'in Bethlehem' (lit.
I'd been bought a dance with an Amazonian type from Down Under (ooer), who dwarfed me.
OOER missus...TV3 gets all steamy with a new series lifting the lid on what Irish people really get up to between the sheets.
Nigella, I liked the look of your crispy lamb chops and barbecued pineapple dunked in chocolate (ooer, sounds a bit rude).
but strictly no singing round the school in pigtails; Paris Hilton Ooer, missus.
Indeed, if she had a c**k it would have been standing to attention." Ooer, Robbie Looking back on his doomed romance with Tina he is less than flattering about her looks - although they were obviously good enough to persuade him to go to out with her in the first place.
And you get the impression that he's spent too many days lying down in a darkened room (ooer, missus) with his videos of Kenneth Williams, Frankie Howerd, John Inman and Larry Grayson.
Ooer, hang on - sorry, that last bit was supposed to go in my other advice column, for a Greek men's magazine.