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OOHDMObject Oriented Hypermedia Design Model
OOHDMObject-Oriented Hypermedia Design Model
OOHDMObject-Oriented Hypermedia Design Methodology
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En particular, las metodologias OOHDM y WebML, que ya disponian de modelo de presentacion, lo han adaptado a los nuevos escenarios de las RIAs (Comai & Toffetti Carughi, 2007; Rossi et al., 2008) o han adoptado los modelos de presentacion de otras metodologias; como RUX que clasifica la construccion de interfaces en interfaz abstracta, concreta y final (Preciado et al., 2007).
OOHDM, UWE, WebM1) combine UML with other forms of notation (e.g.
OOHDM [Schwabe and Rossi 1995] takes inspiration from object-oriented modeling and simplifies the RMM lifecycle to only four steps: domain analysis, navigation design, abstract interface design, and implementation.
Systematic hypermedia design with OOHDM. In Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Hypertext '96.
The Autoweb System also pioneers automatic site generation from abstract, language-independent presentation specifications, whereas other comparable tools are based on imperative programming (HSDL, OOHDM) or language-dependent page templates (RMC, HyperG, Strudel, Araneus).
Results to date consist of a data model that combines hypermedia concepts to the GMOD [2] geographic model; a digital library design framework based on the OOHDM [3] hypermedia design methodology that separates interface, modeling, and implementation issues, thereby facilitating integration of heterogenous data sources; and an architecture to construct digital library interfaces.
The Object-Oriented Hypermedia Design Method (OOHDM) [4] uses abstraction and composition mechanisms in an object-oriented framework to, on one hand, allow a concise description of complex information items, and on the other hand, allow the specification of complex navigation patterns and interface transformations.
For instance, HDM [5], OOHDM ([22], and Schwabe and Rossi's sidebar in this issue) and RMD [9] (see Isakowitz et al.