OOIOnset of Immunity (vaccines)
OOIOcean Observatories Initiative
OOIOut of Interest
OOIOther Operating Income (financial statements)
OOIObject Oriented Interface
OOIObject-Oriented Inspection
OOIOffice of Organizational Improvement
OOIOilfield Operations Inc.
OOIOsnabrück Openearedness Index
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The OOI program reached a milestone in 2016 when its network of ocean sensor systems became fully deployed and operational.
Criminal investigator salaries account for 68 percent of OOI salary costs.
Recommendation: To improve the accuracy and completeness of the complaint and discrimination data reported to Congress and others, the Acting Comptroller General should revise GAO's complaint processing procedures order to clarify responsibility for tracking and reporting on the processing of complaints against a person within OOI.
Like other OOI infrastructure, the Pioneer Array provides a continuous, ever-growing trove of diverse ocean measurements that are transmitted via satellite in near-real time and made freely available--not just to the small group of American scientists and engineers directly involved with the project, but to anyone with an internet connection, anywhere.
GAO's OOI has revised the fiscal year 2007 data posted to its Web site and plans to take steps to address other problems we identified.
Future analyses of OOI data will no doubt lead to more discoveries.
The Irminger Sea site selected by OOI is near another long-term monitoring effort operated by a U.
The first OOI mooring deployments in 2015 provided the first time-series data of heat and water mass movement from the region ever recorded--something of particular interest to the people of Chile as the country struggles with a persistent drought caused by changing wind and atmospheric pressure patterns over the ocean.
Brickley, a senior engineer who leads the operations team that oversees WHOI's OOI gliders, says the vehicles' endurance is one of their greatest strengths.
This new lab building brings the team developing OOI observing systems together under one roof in a beautiful modern building, providing opportunities to interact and share technologies with WHOI staff," said John Trowbridge, co-head, with Robert Weller, of the WHOI-led portion of OOI.
Heidi Sosik, director of the MVCO, is also pleased with having new laboratory space, "but I'm really more excited about the opportunity to have close proximity to the OOI activities.