OOIEObject Oriented Information Engineering
OOIEObject-Oriented Information Engineering (Martin/Odell)
OOIEOffice of the Ombudsman for the Institutionalized Elderly (New Jersey)
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boing) oioa TAPOIOAE (Fr.Polynesia) oioo HOMOIO-OSMOTIC oiue oiuu KOIUUKOSKI (Finland) ooai * EOOAIGEE * (a Tonga Island) ooea * ZOOEAL ch ooeo MEZOOEON (Syria) ooie * BLOOIE (cooie) ooiu GOOIUM (Netherlands) oooi KUNDOO-OIL (coonda-oil) ooua BROOUAGE (sheep-grazing) oouo * OUO-OUO * (in New Hebrides) ouae * EUOUAE * (a trope) ouau * OUAUA * (rainy) haw ouai * COUEISM (Emile Coue) ouia * BEDOUIA (bedouin) ouio * GRIOUIOU * (Morocco) ouoe ADOUOE (Gabon) ouou * COUOUR (cover) ouui * COUUIENALES (quienals) VTs accounted for: 114 (to date * 43; new 71) VTs not accounted for: 11 total 125 Table 5.
"Aunt Ooie" Garcia of Eugene, who died March 13 of heart failure.