OOMMFObject Oriented Micro Magnetic Framework
OOMMFObject Oriented MicroMagnetic Framework (ITL/NIST Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division project)
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The grain anisotropy axes information may be displayed or saved through the OOMMF mmDisp viewer utility.
Once the problem is loaded into the OOMMF Oxsii application, send the driver "Magnetization" output to mmDisp, from which the axis directions can be directly viewed.
We used polycrystalline OOMMF to model a 100 nm disc, 6 nm thick, to mimic the experiment from Lau et all [1] in order to further understand the role of grain orientation.
We have fully integrated 2D polycrystalline capability for simulating sub-100 nm magnets in OOMMF.
More detailed information about OOMMF and the workshop may be found at the OOMMF web page, http://math.