OONEOhio Organization for Nurse Executives
OONEOklahoma Organization of Nurse Executives
OONEOregon Organization of Nurse Executives
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`FIRST OONE OF PURPLE Satten furred with Pampilion/the Sleves and border set with oone hundred and thertye diamondes set in golde and a hundred thertye and oone Clusters of Peerle.'
On 24 May 1546, Henry VIII's Privy Council sent two yeomen of the Chamber with "letters to oone [Thomas] Kyme and his wief for their apparance within x [i.e., ten] dayes after receipt." [1] Had the matter been settled simply when they appeared, we might have known little more about the identity of the nameless wife of Thomas Kyme.
Chapters are: from high hopes to fiascos; amplifying errors; cascades; group polarization; owhat everybody knowso; eight ways to reduce failures; a framework for improvement; when are crowds wise?; how to harness experts; tips for using tournaments; prediction markets; asking the public; oone ballo; the bright future.
Launched last fall, expedited screening program TSA Pre-Check, is Oone of several risk-based, intelligence-driven measures currently helping our agency move away from a one-size-fits-all security model,O he said.
oOne size fits all, but our tailors are happy to make any adjustments necessary, should the client request.o
OOne of the worst-designed pots IOve ever used I the lid doesnOt fit properly and I had glitter all over my make-up bag.
It has sent all MPs its campaign poster OOne can is all it takesO.
She instructed her groom, N Henderson, to have the beast ready to do the business (OOne doesnOt give a hoot about the handicap mark,O she is alleged to have said), and was rewarded with a clear-cut success that copped her pounds 5,018 and a night of fine dining in the company of her loyal subject Edward Boynton, mine host of the excellent Nags.
Education Commissioner Jan Figel explained that oone of the major challenges of this Commission will be to have European citizens develop a sense of belonging and forge a European identity, so that they can become more deeply involved in the development of the European Uniono.
Reopening the question of MachiavelliAEs relationship to neoclassical, humanist, and republican thought (ocivic humanismo), Hulliung questions scholarsAE perceptions of Machiavelli as a misunderstood humanist, and labels him instead oone of the greatest subversives of the humanist traditiono and posits that Renaissance bad boy Machiavelli intended to be just that.
Aruba Under ArubaOs OOne Cool Family VacationO promotion, kids stay and eat free at participating resorts and families also enjoy daily free activities for kids and a complimentary family gift.
Dubai oOne minute we were happy and the very next minute we were in tears,o said an eyewitness who saw the plane burst into flame after it touched down at Mangalore airport.