OOOPSOrganization Of Online Pipe Smokers
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"We repeated the experiment many times to make sure we had a true result and not an 'Ooops'!" The hot output could eventually mean that smaller and less costly nuclear fusion plants would produce the same amount of energy as larger plants.
For safer scooping, Goldenlab Enterprise includes a recycled cardboard scoop with its Ooops Scoops ($3 for 30 bags).
(3.) Reaves, J., "Ooops! Medical Privacy Rules Aren't Written in Stone After All," Time, March 6, 2001.
Ooops, did we use the word "beleaguered" to describe the word "Nissan?" Our mistake, according to a recent press release from the Japanese automaker.
And, on every screen, the simple message: "Ooops, your files have been encrypted!" This film is presented by Dr Kevin Fong, the anaesthetic lead for both the Patient Emergency Response Team and Major Incident Planning at UCL Hospitals. which is first gear and which is reverse?
GET swept away with some great prizes to mark the release of new family movie Two By Two: Ooops ...
Ooops! Apologies if I've given away the plot to anyone who has been on Mars since June, 2007.
Ooops! There go all those perks, such as their own TV, X-Box, computer and phone in their bedroom.
My top picks are: "It all fun and games until someone gets a paper cut" hoodie, $45Stupid Lamb hoodie, $38 Jasper Says Relax BBQ apron, $22Warning, I drive like a Cullen car sticker, $5"Ooops I imprinted" dog bowl, $20Who Needs Edward When I Have My Daddy baby gro, $15 (for the Twilight Mums) I Wish My Husband Sparkled t-shirt, $22.
OOOPS: The misspelt poster at the Metro's Central Station.
I'm torn between the T Rex classic, pop pickers and Ooops Upside Your Head as my final song.