OOPSCCOntario Oil & Protein Seed Crop Committee (Canada)
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TABLE 1 Ownership of Soybean Varieties 1967-1998 Year Total #of vari- # of public # of private eties offered varieties listed varieties by year in Field Crop listed in Trials or OOPSCC trials OOPSCC trials 1967-74 5-9 Up to 9 100 % 0 0% 1975 10 9 90% 1 10% 1986 45 13 29% 32 71% 1998 132 13 10% 119 90% Source: Smithers and Blay-Palmer 2001)
Except for the check cultivars, which were determined by the OOPSCC, cultivar sponsors were solely responsible for the entering of their cultivars into the tests.
Abbreviations: BLUP, best linear unbiased prediction; CHU, crop heat units; E, environment main effect; G, genotype main effect; GE, genotype x environment interaction; GL, genotype x location interaction; GLY, genotype x location x year interaction; GY, genotype x year interaction; L, location main effect; tBLUP, t-statistics of BLUP; Y, year main effect; OOPSCC, Ontario Oil and Protein Seed Crop Committee; OSVT, Ontario Soybean Variety Test.