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OOPSLAObject-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications (annual conference; various locations)
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Design pattern implementation in Java and Aspect J, in: OOPSLA '02, ACM Press, New York, NY.
Tolvanen started the OOPSLA workshops on DSM in 2001 and has been on the organizing committee since.
Beginning earlier in the week, also in Denver, ACM's OOPSLA '99 Conference was held from November 1-5.
Buzzeo is introducing and demonstrating the ZEO CORBA Component Wizard at this year's OOPSLA Conference (Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications) at the Minneapolis Convention Center, October 15 through 19.
of the OOPSLA 2002 Workshop on Agent-Oriented Methodologies, pp.
Several years later more discussions at conferences such as OOPSLA were held with individuals such as Erich Gamma and Richard Helm.
In Proceedings of the ECOOP / OOPSLA '90 Workshop on Garbage Collection.
Unity Software Systems announces that they will be exhibiting at OOPSLA 2000 in Minneapolis from the 17th through 19th of October.
In OOPSLA '98 Conference Proceedings: Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications.
He has served on program committees for major conferences in the field of programming language implementation, including ECOOP, OOPSLA, POPL, and PLDI, and is a member of ACM and the IEEE Computer Society.
The first ACM OOPSLA conference (the main yearly U.
Both SilverMark and ObjectShare will be exhibiting at OOPSLA '98, in Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA, Oct.