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OOSOut of Stock
OOSOut Of Service (police dispatch)
OOSOut of State
OOSOccupational Overuse Syndrome (repetitive stress injury)
OOSOut Of Specification
OOSOrigin of Symmetry
OOSOut of School
OOSOracle of Seasons (video game in Zelda series)
OOSOut of Sight
OOSOrder of Service (religious worship)
OOSObject-Oriented Systems
OOSOut of Style
OOSOut of Scope
OOSOnline Operating System
OOSOrder of Selection
OOSOn-Orbit Servicing
OOSOut of Supply
OOSOut of Shape
OOSOut of Season
OOSOff-Line Operating Simulator
OOSOhio Ornithological Society
OOSOutside of Society (Macromedia Flash game development team)
OOSOut of Synchronization
OOSOut of Straightness (pipeline condition leading to buckling)
OOSOn-Orbit Operations Summary
OOSOnline Order Status
OOSOffshore Outsourced Services
OOSOhio Odonata Society
OOSOrbit to Orbit Shuttle
OOSOttawa Orchid Society (Canada)
OOSOut of Square
OOSOxfam Online Shop
OOSOregon Orchid Society (Portland, OR)
OOSOnline Ordering Service
OOSOffice Operations Supervisor (US Census Bureau)
OOSOpportunity of Selection
OOSOrbitto-Orbit Stage
OOSOptical Output Synchronizer
OOSOneSAF (One Semi-Automated Force) Objective System (OneSAF is an Army simulation)
OOSObject Oriented Specification (computing)
OOSOrder of Sargeras (gaming guild)
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In addition to direct sales losses, an OOS situation can cause indirect negative effects as well (Gruen et al.
The total clinical waste for each month was divided by the total number of patients per month to calculate the average clinical waste generated per OOS.
He adds: "We take a more direct approach to the elimination of OOS, which is [to] go to the root cause -- which is generally poor store orders.
Confirmed Out of Specification (OOS) Rate for each product, including both drug substances and drug products, calculated as total number of confirmed OOS results per total number of specification tests;
Participation to CTF-151, much like for OOS and Operation ATALANTA (see above), is "on a voluntary basis from contributing countries, and the number of ships at sea varies constantly according to the needs," said Lt.
Modern chemists have a wide range of sophisticated analytical instruments at their disposal for investigating OOS results.
To successfully reduce inventory without suffering from OOS, Bishop recommended stocking up and protecting the availability of core items, while selectively culling unnecessary items.
The most successful approach I've seen to OOS is a dedicated OOS clerk in every store.
After an introduction to components of the OOS and an overview of the software development cycle, chapters describe conceptual designs for automation system architecture and operation and outline procedures for integration and calibration.
Cassaro FAM, Tominaga TT, Bacchi OOS, Reichardt K, Oliveira JCM, Timm LC (2000a) Improved laboratory calibration of a single-probe surface gamma-neutron gauge.
The challenge the team faced was to develop a special SAAM pipeline inspection tool far deployment in the HT Erskine pipeline to provide accurate vertical OOS and other information.
This revenue loss not only stems from lost product sales during the OOS period, but can also extend to later periods or other product categories.