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OOSEObject Oriented Software Engineering
OOSEObject Oriented Schema Evolution
OOSEObject Oriented Systems Engineering
OOSEOffice of Subsequent Entry (trade)
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Para asegurar un mapeo consistente entre los modelos de OOSE y los procedimientos de FPA se utilizaron las siguientes reglas segun Fetcke, T.
Around the same time, Jacobson joined Rational and the scope of the UML project was expanded to incorporate OOSE.
1992] in OOSE to represent external system functionality (Appendix B.
The Common Object Methodology Meta-model Architecture (COMMA) design methodologies, including Booch, OMT, RDD, MOSES, SOMA, Martin/Odell, BON, Fusion, OOSE, Coad, Shlaer/Mellor, Firesmith, OBA, and ROOM;
The inventor of the OOSE method, he has been at every OOPSLA conference since the series began in 1986, where he has given tutorials, presented talks, and participated in panels.