OOSIOhio Outdoor Sculpture Inventory (The Sculpture Center)
OOSIOpen Ocean Systems, Inc. (Canada)
OOSIOklahoma Office Systems, Inc. (Office Equipment Dealer)
OOSIOut-of-Service Indication
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Since these limits meet or exceed the deductibles on the OOSI Physical/Bobtail and Cargo products, holders of these policies who order the WAR-LOK TSK-50 systems get full coverage on the deductibles applied to insured losses that occur while the WAR-LOK systems are in use.
This alliance will bring major benefits to Gabriel Technologies, OOSI and the OOIDA members it insures and to all Americans," said Keith Feilmeier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gabriel Technologies.
A significant number of OOIDA's members already insure their tractors and cargoes with OOSI and we estimate this alliance will help drive 10% annual growth in the number of our Insureds," said Michael Shermoly, Director of Marketing for OOIDA.