OOTWOperations Other Than War
OOTWOut Of This World
OOTWOfficer of the Watch (naval)
OOTWOut of Their/The Way
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He observes that "in Somalia, the planning assumption that an OOTW engagement was the lesser but included case of conventional war proved wrong.
In supporting the NHRC's mission, the OOTW team provides a vital contracting service to the U.
These terms include peacekeeping, military operations other than war (MOOTW), and OOTW.
In the last 10 years, the Army Medical Department has participated in numerous OOTW Some examples are the humanitarian missions to Croatia, Haiti, Somalia, Bosnia, Albania, and Yugoslavia.
The 2001 edition of FM 3-0, Operations, recognizes that "stability operations [the successor to OOTW in the Army lexicon] often require commanders to apply METTTC [considerations regarding mission, enemy, terrain, troops, time, and civilians] differently than they would when conducting offensive and defensive operations.
The application of such technological developments to OOTW environments holds a certain amount of promise, but the key will be in the approach to the problem those technologies are applied to.
7) It is only on the Junior Command and Staff Duties Course (JSCD), when the officer has the approximate rank of major that he/she receives more ETD in OOTW.
Two distinguished US Military Academy personnel, Lt Gen Howard Graves (former superintendent) and Don Snider (Olin Professor of National Security Studies), commented on this issue in such MOOTW missions as Somalia: "Most OOTW missions have also called for decentralized mission execution.
Amid all the exotic acronyms, business was booming at the American Defense Preparedness Association's sixth annual SO/LIC (special operations/low intensity conflict) Symposium and Exhibit on OOTW (operations other than war) last December at the Washington Hilton.
And, we anticipate that in the future the husbanding agent will be called upon to support many more OOTW missions.
To state it at its extreme, the military has a significant resistance to embracing OOTW missions in general.
Three issues immediately present themselves when evaluating the FBCB2 independently of its role in combat and OOTW operations: